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Zola is a hands-on leader who is always enthusiastic and proactive in training his associates and fellow NAVIS agents!


I'm privileged to work with him in building our team together and highly recommend him if you are looking for a good mentor!!

Stuart Chng | Senior Associate Executive Director | Co-founder of Navis Living Group

Strongly recommended Zola to join under his wing with NAVIS LIVING GROUP which empowers us with new hi-tech Apps to increase our sales more and build up our team exponentially for our Real Estates careers.

I made the right decision to join back OrangeTee & Tie together with Zola. I feel very grateful and appreciated for his guidance and support to us & his team members. He’s always there for us no matter how he has full of his busiest schedules. Giving us quick response and his problem solving skills is tremendously amazing as a true leader .


He’s energetic, enthusiastic, ambitious, knowledgeable in Real Estate , thoughtful, honest, caring and cheerful person whom I have ever met in this Industry.

Natalie Win | Team Member


Zola is a selfless leader. He has shown his team with lots of love, concern and providing support whenever he can. He is always very responsive and fast in providing solutions to us whenever we face any issues.

He is humorous, fun-loving, helpful and a sincere person. He has shown his good leadership by leading good examples.


I will strongly encourage who ever that wants to come into Real Estate, this is the place!

Join Zola Tan & Associates NOW!

Jennifer Ng | Team Member

Zola is a very committed leader who always spend time coaching his people; making sure every each of them can reach their maximum potential.


On top of this, a very nice guy to talk to!


Gary Chua | Senior Associate Executive Director | Co-founder of Navis Living Group


Zola is a humourous, fun, sincere, helpful, and selfless leader. He is also an inspiring and motivating leader who portrayed good leadership as he always leads us by example.


Whenever we encounter any problem he will surely be there to advise us accordingly.👍👍👏 Highly recommended to join #ZolaTanAssociates 🥇🎉 Work hard and play hard attitude..✌

Jes Ng | Team Member

Zola is a good leader in the real estate business. I like his clear vision, wisdom, and clear focus. He's also great help to his associates in reaching their goals.

He portrays ethical behavior and has positive thinking with calm decisions. I hope he will get more opportunities in this business with successful leadership.

Grace Kaung | Team Member


Zola is a sincere & motivating leader who always coach his teammates to excel in both sales & team building.

He is also a trainer in Navis Living Group, new project IC, & also a consistent Top Achiever!

More than 17 years of real estate experience, he has become one of the Top GTA Agent in the North -East region of Singapore. He has strong real estate knowledge in both Private & HDB properties, and many of us often approach him for his advise.

Thank you Zola for been a strong pillar for us!

Jason Tan | Senior Associate Executive Director | Co-founder of Navis Living Group

Zola has been a great mentor who is always there for us. Providing guidance and leading to our path of success, I could clearly remember the first time when I was handing a resale case. I called him up during midnight and yet, he was very patient in answering all my queries! Hence I was able to close the deal thanks to him.


I’m very grateful to know him as my mentor who has drastically change my life. I’m now able to help more people to achieve their life goals and financial freedom.

Jackson Tan | Team Member

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